Emeraude Hotels x Welcome to the Jungle

Emeraude Hotels x Welcome to the Jungle

A job market under pressure in the hospitality industry

The hospitality industry is currently facing recruitment challenges in an ever-changing job market. While hotel demand continues to grow, the sector is struggling to recruit and retain the talent needed to deliver quality services to its customers.

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a major impact on the job market, particularly in the hotel sector. As travel restrictions and confinements during the crisis drastically reduced hotel demand, this led to a reduction in available jobs and a massive wave of redundancies. This period was an opportunity for many workers in the sector to reassess their career priorities, train in new skills and change career paths.

At the same time, the hotel industry is finding it increasingly difficult to attract new profiles, as it is seen as a complicated sector with restrictive working hours. For industry professionals, it's becoming increasingly difficult to find passionate candidates who match their needs.

The online recruitment market

For several years now, the recruitment process has been entirely digitalized. It has become essential for companies to have an online presence in order to recruit. The covid pandemic has increased this phenomenon.

The market for online recruitment platforms has grown rapidly. Indeed, these platforms offer a diverse range of services, from job posting to automated candidate pre-screening and recruitment data analysis. In addition, these platforms offer a vast panel of candidates who can be targeted according to the company's needs. These platforms thus facilitate the promotion of employer brand and corporate culture, and play a key role in recruitment processes by connecting candidates and companies.

Emeraude Hotels is in the Jungle

In this context, we have decided to join Welcome to the Jungle, a French new-generation recruitment platform. This collaboration aims to overcome the obstacles linked to the shortage of manpower by proposing a modern and targeted approach to attracting new profiles of qualified and passionate candidates. Emeraude Hotels particularly liked the young, modern and dynamic aspects of Welcome to the Jungle, which perfectly matched its DNA.

Emeraude Hotels has chosen Welcome to the Jungle as a strategic partner in its quest for new talent. Since 2015, Welcome to the Jungle has been a recruitment platform focused on highlighting corporate culture and employee experience. With attractive, modern company profiles, employee testimonials and detailed job information, the platform offers a comprehensive insight into life within each company.

The benefits of working with Welcome to the Jungle

This alliance offers several advantages for Emeraude Hotels:

1. Enhanced visibility: In just a few years, Welcome to the Jungle has established itself on the online recruitment market to become one of the leaders in France, with 2.5 million candidates per month and over 4,000 partner companies of varying sizes and sectors. For Emeraude Hotels, it's a way of gaining visibility on the job market.

2. A customized online showcase: Welcome to the Jungle enables us to create a customized showcase to highlight our employer brand, our corporate culture and to present all the establishments in our network. In addition, the platform allows posting photos and videos to make the showcase more dynamic and lively.

3. Precise targeting: The platform enables specific profiles to be targeted according to the skills and values required, ensuring that only the most suitable candidates are engaged in the recruitment process. Candidates can gain a transparent insight into life at Emeraude Hotels, helping them to make career decisions.

4. Ease of application: Welcome to the Jungle simplifies the application process, offering candidates a fluid, ergonomic and intuitive experience when applying for a job.

5. Ease of recruitment: For recruiters, the process is also simplified by being able to manage, centralize and analyze all applications from a single platform.

In a complex hotel employment market, Emeraude Hotel's initiative to collaborate with Welcome to the Jungle reflects its determination to overcome recruitment challenges. Through this strategic alliance, Emeraude Hotels aims to attract passionate and skilled candidates, while offering applicants a transparent and realistic vision of what it means to work within the company. This innovative approach promises to create a smoother recruitment and onboarding experience, beneficial to employers and candidates alike.